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Staffing Solutions

Building a pipeline of qualified talent.


You need to fill a job fast, like yesterday fast. We can make it happen. With a specialized roster of experts combined with our proprietary on-boarding process, you’ll receive more reliable, qualified and experienced contract employees in no time flat.


Finding the right person for a role can be a challenge. They must have a suitable skillset, fit your company culture and enjoy their work. If even one area is slightly off, you’re both back to square one—the dreaded search. Contract-to-direct staffing can allow you both to test the waters to ensure everything fits perfectly, at a cost lower than you might expect. Because we’re more agile than other companies, we can onboard talent faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than the rest.

Direct Hire

We’re your source for on-demand talent in the wireless telecom, technology, and construction industries. Eclipse provides direct hire solutions by offering clients access to a larger pool of qualified candidates. Customers love us for our cost saving incentives. Job seekers love us because we pair them with only the best companies. Referral incentives also help sweeten the deal.

We’re not recruiters, instead we have qualified and pre-vetted talent ready to deploy for your direct hire needs.

Scope of Work [SOW]

Our Scope of Work (SOW) engagements align with and support the varied needs of your project needs. We partner with you to deliver defined SOW consulting solutions within Technology, Process, and Change initiatives.


Service Solutions

One size does NOT fit all. Our strength is in our flexibility. Our range of partner service solutions are constantly evolving to meet demand.

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Strategic Solutions

Your business is our business. Whatever your strategic needs, we’re your partner in providing lasting business solutions.

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