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Founded to disrupt the regular approach to staffing, Eclipse is the fastest and easiest way to optimize your workforce.  We’re reinventing the entire experience. No more pain points. No more culture mismatches. No more unqualified candidates.

We provide innovative staffing and consulting solutions to the telecommunication, construction, transport, and manufacturing industries. Our staffing expertise is focused in the areas of Project Coordination, Project/Program Management, Data Analytics, Construction Management, Field Operations/Deployment, Drive Testing and Benchmarking, Engineering, Information Technology, Software Development, and back office support.

In order to increase efficiencies, we created a staffing model that utilizes our proprietary incentive-based referral network, EclipseConnect, rather than outdated recruiting strategies. We believe there’s no better way to find qualified talent than through qualified talent.

Although we actively work to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, we are also dedicated to giving back. Each year, we pledge to share our success with our workforce. We also have an established referral rewards program. Everyone wins when processes are more efficient.

We are committed to ensuring satisfaction for our employees and customers alike, offering incentives for customer savings and cost reduction. To that end, we are committed to continue advancement of strategic offerings, partnerships and implementation of tools to drive efficiencies. 

As a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) we appreciate that each customer is unique and will work hard to not only earn, but to maintain your business. We look forward to lasting partnerships–Connecting Clients with Talent!

Connect with us today to begin a lasting partnership and learn more about our customer cost saving initiatives.

Our Leadership Team


Jody Glenn

President / CEO

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Jim Higgins

Head of Placement

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Kim Fritz

Director of Sales Operations

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