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What was once challenging is now easier than ever. Welcome to the Eclipse experience. We’re not your average staffing company. We don’t just fill jobs. We’re reinventing the entire experience. No more pushy recruiters. No more culture mismatches. No more unqualified candidates. The Eclipse experience is…

Connecting Clients with Talent. Connecting Talent with Opportunity. A WIN for everyone.


Finding the right workforce is more complex than ever. As technologies and industries advance you face new obstacles and challenges to meet growing needs. Lucky for you, we’re experts in solving those problems. Eclipse is your partner to provide flexible and creative solutions to support your company’s needs.

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Staffing Solutions

We utilize our EclipseConnect network to ensure we provide qualified talent and innovative staffing solutions.

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Service Solutions

Our strength is in our flexibility. Our range of service solutions are constantly evolving to meet industry and market demand.

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Strategic Solutions

Your business is our business. Whatever your strategic needs, we’re your partner in providing lasting business solutions.

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At Eclipse, we put you first. We’re determined to make the process as efficient and cost effective as possible. Whether you’re a partner or a job seeker, we aim to find you the talent or work that matches your unique situation. After all, there’s no effective cookie-cutter approach in staffing.

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