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Strategic Solutions

Providing Lasting Business Solutions

Why settle for business as usual when you have the resources to become a disrupting factor of change? Whether in the need for program development, system integration, or cost saving initiatives, Eclipse provides a wide range of strategic services that are flexible to your needs. Our talented experts are here to collaborate with you throughout your most challenging technology obstacles. Let’s work together to shake things up!


Making change happen is hard, but remember the old saying, “If it was easy, it would have already been done.” Eclipse can help disrupt the status quo and drive necessary organizational change. Our experienced staff has spent decades in the wireless and technology fields, successfully solving dozens of seemingly impossible issues. Our resident problem solvers can help with barriers like custom program design, complicated system integrations and everything in between.


No two companies are alike, that’s why custom programs make a world of difference. Our experienced team of experts will be able to advise on, develop, and implement unique programs to improve business processes and efficiencies. Discover the fastest and easiest way to meet your growing business demands with Eclipse.


Let us do the heavy lifting. With Eclipse as your MSP we are responsible for the back-end operations you rely on. By implementing workforce solutions, tailored to your organization, Eclipse is able to reduce your costs and implement operational consistency.

We have successfully completed complex VMS implementations (design through deployment), ensuring the specific needs and solutions requirements were achieved.

We have your back so you aren’t dealing with the interruptions impacting the foundation of your company. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.


It takes a village to effectively optimize a business. By partnering with us, we’re able to reduce costs, expedite the process, and get better talent with custom end-to-end solutions.

We also practice an incentive-based model with our clients. The greater the partnership, the better the deal. Find out what efficiency looks like with Eclipse!


Service Solutions

One size does NOT fit all. Our strength is in our flexibility. Our range of partner service solutions are constantly evolving to meet demand.

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Staffing Solutions

We utilize our extensive network to ensure we provide qualified talent and innovative staffing solutions.

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