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Staffing Solutions

Connecting Clients with Talent. Connecting Talent with Opportunity.


Eclipse connects companies with top-talent across the globe to meet their sourcing requirement(s). We connect candidates with opportunities that align with their skills and goals. Integrity, transparency, and accessibility are our guiding principles, enhancing both client and employee satisfaction, including 

  • Project Coordination
  • Project/Program Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Construction Management
  • Field Operations/Deployment/Services
  • Field Testing & Validation
  • Engineering (RF, Transport, Microwave, etc)
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Back office support

Whatever your program need, we have the ability and capacity to take on the challenge. Through our rapidly growing EclipseConnect network, we have access to highly-skilled professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines and expertise.


Finding the right person for a role can be a challenge. They must have a suitable skillset, fit your organization’s culture and enjoy their work. If even one area is slightly off, you’re both back to square one—the dreaded search.

Electing to hire candidates on a contract-to-hire basis allows both parties time to test the waters. 

  • Organizations are able to gauge the candidates qualifications and benefit from immediately filling a position without the costs associated with advertising, screening and interviewing unqualified applicants.
  • Candidates are able to determine their compatibility with the company culture, demonstrate their value, and advance their skills/qualifications.

Direct Hire

We’re your source for on-demand talent in the telecommunications, construction, transport, and manufacturing industries. Customers love us for our flexibility and cost saving incentives. Job seekers love us because we pair them with only the best companies that fit their career goals. Referral incentives also help sweeten the deal.

  • Expanded candidate pool
  • Focused attention on your requirements
  • Stronger employee retention
  • Backed by the Eclipse hiring guarantee
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Save time and resources

We’re not recruiters, instead we are connecting you with qualified and pre-vetted talent ready to deploy for your direct hire needs.  

Project Teams and Scope of Work [SOW]

Our Project Teams and Scope of Work (SOW) engagements align with and support the varied needs of your program requirements. We partner with you to deliver defined staffing solutions within Technology, Process, and Change initiatives. Benefits of Project Team and SOW engagements include:

  • Accessing highly skilled professionals for your project
  • Project reporting of milestones, deliverables and deadlines
  • Controlling project costs
    • Managing salary budgets
    • Paying a fixed price
  • Workforce scalability

We can help you identify and implement a flexible staffing strategy that aligns with your project need(s) and budget.


Service Solutions

One size does NOT fit all. Our strength is in our flexibility. Our range of partner service solutions are constantly evolving to meet demand.

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Strategic Solutions

Your business is our business. Whatever your strategic needs, we’re your partner in providing lasting business solutions.

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